Miscarriage and the workplace

I’ve seen quite a few articles on miscarriage and the workplace, and it looks like organisations are trying to get better at supporting their staff going through it. Going through fertility treatment, experiencing baby loss and getting pregnant is a very personal process, so when it comes to babyloss, managing fertility treatments and appointments, keeping… Continue reading Miscarriage and the workplace


7 benefits for a person who has gone through baby loss, miscarriage and or infertility to work with a counsellor who has gone through their own experience of this. Acceptance – A counsellor who has already experienced miscarriage/babyloss and/or infertility can validate and affirm your experiences and feelings in a non judgemental way.  Shared experience… Continue reading Blog

***Trigger warning*** My miscarriage experience

Some counsellors are taught not to self disclose, because these sessions are about you, the client.  That was how I was trained too.  You invest your time, money and deepest thoughts and emotions in counselling, it’s not for me to take that opportunity from you.  However, how far does not self disclosing go? If you… Continue reading ***Trigger warning*** My miscarriage experience